Wellspring has worked with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Sioux Tribe, and Florida Seminole Tribe to develop a program that specifically addresses the needs of overweight Native American youth.

Are the young members
of your tribe at risk?

The future of your community relies on the health and well-being of all members, but particularly adolescents and young adults. Rates of overweight, obesity and diabetes are disproportionately high among American Indian communities.

In fact, Native Americans are more than four times as likely as Caucasians to die from weight-related illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

Who we are, what we offer, and how we can help

The Native American population is in a time of crisis.  Urgent action is needed to reverse the impact of obesity on the youth of tribes across North America. The physical, emotional, and economic impact of obesity can be devastating.  Wellspring has helped young people return to a normal weight and return as leaders in their tribal community eager to spread the knowledge they have learned. 

Native American youth face enormous challenges from our obesogenic culture and from their own biological barriers to success.  As Native Americans, we face challenges such as:

  • Our genetic makeup encourages the body to store food in times of scarcity. 
  • Our bodies have remained the same while our culture has turned to high fat foods, sugary soda and sedentary lifestyles. 
  • Our children are twice as likely to be obese compared to non-Hispanic White or Asian children in the United States. 

The effect of obesity goes far beyond the physical aspect.  Obese children often report teasing, rejection, bullying and other types of abuse because of their weight.  The emotional consequences of obesity can be profound.

Wellspring can help.

Wellspring has helped hundreds of students combat childhood obesity by transforming their bodies and lives.  In only a few short months, students change their lives—losing weight, getting healthy, and gaining self confidence.

Be our next success story and return to your community a leader.

Wellspring is among the world's most effective programs for weight loss. Designed for children, teens, and young adults ages 11-24, students and campers demonstrate among the best documented outcomes of any non-surgical weight loss program for any age group. 

The scientifically based Wellspring Plan is a simple, scientific, and sustainable approach to fitness and weight loss that has helped thousands lose weight and keep it off.

For more information please contact:

Michael L. Bishop, M.B.A., Ph.D.
Executive Director, Wellspring

Office: 1-828-450-4367